Dickin' Around

I threw this video together. It’s nothing great, the link is in my sig. It’s more of a practice for making another video than anything. Constructive criticism will be appreciated

im dling now

there was some kool stuff in there. but it was todark in a lot of the shots…maybe work on that:)


TOO DARK!! LOL, It was hard to see what you were doing for a lot of the movie, but from what i did see your riding is pretty good =p, next time try to make it have some good lighting =p

I know. My friends were only free at night though. Also it was done on a regular camera, not a video camera. My next one will have much better footage.

I could tell, had the same quality of my webcam =p but it wasnt that bad, i liked that part where ou dragged your feoot, its like “im too lazy to keep my foot up for one-footed, ill just drag it along, blah blah blah =p”

That’s my move. I’ve never seen anyone else do it. I don’t have a name for it yet though, and foot drag is too simple. I need a great name for it. A bunch of pomp and circumstance representing very little accomplishment.

lets call it the koebwil!

lets call it the"im too damn lazy to lift my foot for one footed tricks as done by koebwil"…is that too long?

Or we could call it Pomp and Circumstance.

its so dark it is hard to see

I like that idea.

not bad ridin but use a better camera cause u could barly see it.

I know, my next one will be far better.

ooo is dickin’ a new word?

stop filming in the dark

Oh, I know!! a good name would be like the Igor, because Igor dragged his foot like that…

A family friendly thread title.

That is the best name yet. It shall be called an Igor now and forever.

It means the same thing as messin’ around. I just never say messin’ around.

What else does it mean and what does it say specifically? What other phrases could I write that would show you what you are printing in public to a forum read by people of all ages, both genders, and all cultures? Think about who your audience is…then press submit reply.