diary of an einrad meister.

on my way back from germany now, i’m currently in dublin, ireland.
(juggling convention)

i spent a week teaching freestlye tricks at a variety of unicycle clubs. in between workshops, i rode trials with the locals.

i was staying in neumunster, in swiesweg holstien (?) in the north of germany.

the whole thing was organised by my wondrfull friend meike broderson, who is an absolute angel, and arranged funding for paying for everthing (inc me), finding me a place to stay in a housing colective full of punks and anarchists ( everyone was wonderfully generous and helpfull). and a van and driver to transport me wherever i needed to go. (cristian, my chaufer was a star too.)
in adition to organising everything meike translated for me at every workshop.
and i’d better not forget lasse too, he was fantastic, and can jump higher than i can after a week of riding together.

there are literaly hundereds of peoiple who ride unicycles there. however not many people know any freestyle tricks apart from wheelwalking and one foot riding.

doing all these workshops has realy helped my teqnique.
breaking every trick down into simple steps and learning progressions is realy good.

this was the second time i’ve done this, i was there last year too.

i love germany.

wow… I wish I lived in Europe. I don’t personally know 12 people that unicycle, let alone enough to actually have workshops in anything.

You rock, Ewan!