Diamondback Unicycles?

I was just on eBay searching unicycles and new Diamondback unicycles were for sale. They kinda look like Torker unicycles. I don’t know how to add a link or I would.

Does anyone know anything about them? Thanks.

Amazon reviewer states they are a rebranded torker lx

I don’t know anything else about them.


Yeah, they are just a rebranded Torker LX. I have access to their catalogs, and they are the exact same thing, just a different logo.

Its a good unicycle to learn on but you’d be better to go with something from unicycle.com, really anything at all. The flat top is super painful when you hit your knees on it, I’ve got the bruises to show it.

I’ve liked my LX, but it is definitely for learning, not for expanding your abilities or stable.

Thanks guys. I have upgraded from my Torker unicycle. I customized it with old bike parts. It is the photo in my avatar.

That’s pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a unicycle with a fender before. Very unique!

Thanks Bradford, the fender and springer fork are from a 1947 Monark SuperDeluxe bicycle. It was a fun project.