Diagnosing a hole in tube [SOLVED]

I put a brand new tube and tire on my 24" on Saturday. Had two sessions of riding, and on the third the tire was flat. I took it all a part again, and it turns out that the hole is in the tube, and it near/facing the spokes. I found this sort of odd. It is also almost along a manufactured crease in the rubber.

I can supply pictures or any other info if that would be helpful.

  • Tire was brand new Hookworm 24x2.5"
  • Tube was brand new 24x2.124-2.4"
  • Tire has maximum recommend of 65 PSI, and I was riding at 40 PSI
  • Frankly, the clearance between the tire and the frame was too close for long-term use, but at 40 PSI it worked perfectly fine

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you have rim tape or something around the inside of the rim to protect the tube rim the spoke nipples?


Good question. No, I do not. I guess that would be it ha. I did notice that extra strip with the original tube, but nothing came with the new tube.

Any advice on a good rim tape?

I use a few wraps of electrical tape, seems to do the trick and I recall a few others here mentioning that too. If you had an old one you can just put it back usually.


SOLVED! I will use the old one and pick up some tape.

Dang. Thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply!!!

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