i was reading the insurance thread, and noticed that one person did a gig with a diabolo. i was wondering, how many people use them, can it be done on a uni, and what tricks can you do, and is it a good crowd pleaser for gigs? personally, i’ve used a diabolo once in a gig, but it was only because no one wanted balloon animals, but it was in a store with lots of breakable stuff, the manager wasn’t happy with me throwing my toys around. my favourite tricks are the spaghetti bowl, speed whips, snatches, all manner of trapez-es, arm and leg orbits, and throws. any other expiriences people could share would be helpful!


I’m just learing the diablo or ‘chinese yo-yo’. I do not thing that it is possible to do it on a uni because the gyroscopic force will not let it turn as you turn.


You can make a diablo turn by touching it in the right place with the end of your handstick. However I’m not sure that truning it is going to be a major factor as most juggly stuff done with a uni is done whilst idling on it.
There’s probably loads of really difficult tricks you could put together like running diablo round your leg whilst idling with the other leg, but probably the thing that will most impress an audience is to throw the diablo really high and catch it while unicycling.

Hey Matt, I used to do a lot of diabolo … well, that was before unicycling started to take up all my free time!! :smiley:

I haven’t tried any diabolo tricks while riding the uni; that definitely could be challenging given the effort required just to keep the spin on the ‘big yo yo’. Nevertheless, you’ve got me thinking about it.:wink:

I like Onewheeldave’s idea of just at least trying to go for a high toss and catch while riding the uni. That skill isn’t to hard normally and its true it is often quite thrilling for non-diabolo’ists to see. I may just give that a try some time soon.


i’m one of those really basic diaboloists that have picked it up once or twice at the juggling club and can only really throw and catch it
i have done it on a uni and while it takes a lil’ while to get used to keeping it going while on the uni, throwing and catching is real easy and does indeed look very impressive
remember to practise idling with folded arms to get used to idling without using your arms for balance, that will then free them up for the diabolo

a leg-orbit while one-foot idling will be awesome!
video please

i diabolo…

:slight_smile: i have diaboled for a bit on a uni but it was windy + i fell off! best place to try is wiht no epople round and ia nice long flat area
i’v bin diaboling for bout 3 years it great i’m saving up for a new diabolo if u wanna good site wiht triakcs etc go2 www.diabolonet.co.uk

I think i will go try the idling leg orbit… that’s a good idea. but here’s a question, would you get idling then start it, or start it and mount? also, when i idle i spin clockwise, slowly. but as for the website, my preference is www.diabolotricks.com it’s got animations that show you exactly what to do. give it a look-see, i hope it will help.