Diabetic Unicyclists

hey umm
i know this threads kinda old, but i didnt want to start a new one, and my story’s a bit weird

Last July I was being a bit stupid and broke my leg unicycling, my own fault. Anyway, i was in cast for three months, couldn’t do much exercise and became very unfit, my fitness levels started improving, and i was starting to ride again in february-ish this year, after this i started constantly feeling bad and all the other symptoms associated with hyperglycemia, got myself checked out and was diagnosed with type 1 in the beggining of March
I’ve now found that i dont know what to do with regards to riding. Because my fitness isn’t very good i can’t plan how long i can ride for and therefore don’t know what to give myself as i dont know how much exercise i’m going to be doing, im also finding that im scared of having hypo’s on the wheel, leaving me kinda scared of riding :frowning: my blood sugar seems to stay generally on the slightly low side
I was wondering whether anyone could tell me what they do with regards to riding, im finding it kinda hard to cope with it to be honest
thanks a bunch

A bunch of top athletes have been diabetic, and exercise is actually recommended as therapy for Type 1 diabetes. The main thing is to do it while managing your blood glucose levels to maintain your short-term and long-term health. Your doctor should be able to help you work up a plan to monitor your glucose levels before, during, and after exercise, and develop a management strategy for insulin and food intake to keep you healthy.

There are a lot of resources out there for athletes with Type 1 diabetes. Here’s a decent top-10 list for you:

Good luck, and don’t give up!

I’ll be doing tour de cure in a few weeks : ) I can’t remember whether we have a red rider or not (for unicycle)

I know he had some probs during the Olympics, but Kris Freeman (x-country skier) has Type-1 I think…


I’m type one, but I’ve never let it keep me from doing the things I want to in life. I mainly ride mountain unicycle and am a host for the Asheville MUni Fest.

A couple years ago, I started riding a 36er in races. I have completed three 100 km races. Twice I have completed The Devils Fork Metric, with 6,600 feet of climbing. Last year, I attempted to ride 100 miles in a day and came very close to completing it, but after 11 1/2 hours and 87.3 miles, I decided I didn’t have the right equipment (warm clothing and lights) to finish. I’m going to attempt the same ride solo next week and this time I plan on finishing.

In my fifteen years of riding, I’ve definitely had some close calls. This past fall, I took my pump off while jumping on some boulders for a film we created for our festival about 10 miles from the nearest trail head. I didn’t discover that I’d left it there until I got home. By this time it was dark and a couple of my friends went back for it. Thank goodness they were able to find it!



It’s a slight thread drift, but this linked article is a fascinating insight into what Kris Freeman (Olympic XC skier) has to navigate in trying to manage type 1 diabetes while racing at an Olympic level of competition. Having know folks who have to compete and manage their blood sugar and insulin, I’m pretty humbled. Best of luck…edg

Thanks for that article, interesting :slight_smile:

that ^ is what I find most annoying, a lot of things to do with trials are below the anaerobic threshold (skinnys, small hops etc) but practising big sidehops and stuff brings it above that threshold.
I hate having to regiment my practise like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out that I have a family history of diabetes. I don’t expect to get it as I am pretty conscious of my health (except for pedal bites).:stuck_out_tongue:

That’d be family history of type 2, type 1 doesnt have any known cause and there was no history of it in my family, i’m not overweight/unfit, it just happened :stuck_out_tongue:

My best friend has diabetic :slight_smile: and he is an amazing unicyclist ^^
He can jump 100cm static pretty easy,had big gaps,… and an awesome style :smiley:
We ride as much as possible together (now not really much, because of the snow and exams…)

He doesn’t had really much problems with it…
he just sometimes needs to have sugar^^ and on the euc winter edition, he had to stop because he felt pretty bad (sugar problem) otherwise he would have ended pretty good… :s