DH Snow Race Video

Me and my brother Bryan did a DH bike race on our unis during the winter.

“negladerider” made an awesome video of the event. Its 209 Mbs and :33 long. There are 3 sections of us riding and the rest is bikes.


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Well done! That took a lot of guts and you guys made a great impression!

Wicked cool! You were pedaling mighty fast on some of those hills, but managed to stay on most of the time :). Those mountain bikers were definately impressed.

Sick! Man, that looked tough. Nice air on some of those.

I know the rest of you are looking at that ski thing too. Come on, how can we adapt it guys? :smiley:

edit: Hey check it out too: KC, youre the Highlight for the film on the host’s page! http://www.veilleuxfilms.com/
cool man!