DH Muni in clipin pedals

i know this may sound insane but i have recently started doing DH Muni in clip in pedals on my KH24 and really like it!!

i feel like i’m in soo much more control. i can put massive hops whenever i like without having to hold onto the seat and also with steep slopes you can put a lifting pressure on the downward moving pedal as well as downward pressure with the upward moving pedal giving me more control on my speed using just my leg muscles instead of having to use the brake, i found that i need to be going down hectically steep slopes to require a brake now and then by using a brake as well it opens up even more possibilities in terms of ridiculously steep slopes.

yes i know that your all thinking what about when you stack? and yes it can be a bit awkward but i seem to be able to get my feet out most of the time ok (probably because i usually ride my mountain bike with clipin pedals) and even when i dont with knee/shin pads and elbow/forearm guards and a helmet on its not really any worse than with flat pedals it just feels more clumsy.

has anyone tried this out?

It’s the only way to go. If I ride another unicycle with out clipless pedals, it then feels so not safe, like you have no control.


See here: Clipless on a racer
Ken (GizmoDuck) tried it and didn’t like it.

Sounds dangerous as heck and your just asking for a nasty face plant! Good, firm soled grippy shoes and equally grippy platform pedals are the way to go. I hope KH chimes in here.

It’s really a balance between the control gained and the greater severity of injuries sustained in a crash. You could argue that the increased control results in fewer UPDs meaning less injuries. However, because you are clipped in you are more likely to not be able to clip out in crashes or clipping out puts your ankle in an awkward position causing injury.

If it works well for you, go for it. Personal experience is far more important than community consensus on things such as this.

Yoggi used to ride MUni clipped in.

Mountain bikers used to think it was insane to ride clipped in; now it’s rare to see platforms. I think we’ll see more use of clipless as the sport advances.

My biggest problem when I’ve tried with SPDs it is that it’s hard to clip in. I think the Egg Beater mechanism might be better–the ones with a mini-platform so you have something to push on if you don’t get it on the first clip.

Hmm, it just seems scary to me. When you fall on a uni, it’s usually off the front or back. If you couldn’t unclip, the uni would be attached, and you couldn’t use your feet to run out. Seems scary! If you’re comfortable with it though, it would be really useful. This one is personal choice for sure.