DH Ardent 2.6 not produced anymore???

I was going to have a look on the maxxis website about the ardent 2.6 DH version, unfortuntaly it looks like they aren’t made anymore :frowning:



I haven’t tried this tyre before, but I want to :slight_smile: Anyone know anything more about this?

Unfortunatly to me it looks like the maxxis tyres are being produced in smaller volumes (e.g 2.6, 2.4 vs 2.7). I hope this tyre hasn’t stopped being made, it looks like a nice tyre.

Also for those that have tried out both the 2.4 and the 2.6 ardent, how big or small is the difference between them? And how much do they differ in air volume and traction?

I have a 2.7 highroller which I like but I wish it had more air volume.

Edit: has anyone tried out a high roller 2?