Dgaf It

So I started this film about 2 months ago and forgot all about it. I came across it tonight and found I only had about 20 seconds more to finish. Its actually the video for my pain for pleasure trailer I posted a few months ago. I said it would be done by Christmas, but I missed the deadline by just a little bit. Its a mix between bmx and unicycling. I’ve been riding for about 7 months now and my friends have been riding bmx for about 3 years.

Enjoy. Comments are welcome.

P.S.- I still haven’t finished paying off the debt from my truck so I haven’t been able to buy new video equipment. Therefore, the quality sucks.

cool riding!
the only thing is i didn’t like the music!
keep it up!
(sorry for my bad english)

yeah cool riding and BMX is awesome!


wow…was that you on the bike? that was really good BMX riding. The sound quality was bad.

Overall nice job and good riding.:slight_smile:

I think it may have been the music, but for some reason it felt like I was watching a trailor for a longer video. Come to think of it, the only thing I can think of that has had that effect is the music.

Nevertheless, good riding there :smiley:

I understand what your saying with the music. I liked the song because it had high points and low points which made it easy to edit to. I’ll try to stay away from instrumental music in my next video.

No that wasn’t me riding the bike. I wish it was.

Thanks for all the comments.

Good video, but the music was a poor match IMO (although I can tell you tried to match the riding to the music).

Also the music kept cutting out on me:(