Dew Report is in!

Hey my sister found this on Mountain Dew TV

It’s actually better than I even expected… and I’m the guy in the end who can’t say Moab like everyone else. :smiley:



What may be old news for some is new news for others. That was really good. Thanks for posting it, I hadn’t seen it before. Some of the other videos on that site were also very good.

Were you living in a hole for 2 weeks? The other thread with this in it was at the top of the forum for a long time. :wink:

Haha, I like how it says ‘do not attempt, these athletes are trained and experienced in their sport’ at the end…well, we only got trained and experienced in our sport by attempting it!!

I guess I have.


Ha ha yeah I have been living in a hole for a while… whoops sorry. Oh well. I thought it was swicked great.

I also say “Mobe”, not “Mo-ab”…

dude i freakin miss you matt!!!

Yeah they thought it was so funny that I said it that way, although some of the people who live in the town say it that way too… it’s kinda like the Cal-gary vs. cal-gree argument on how to say Calgary. :smiley: But you wouldn’t know that unless you were from Alberta I guess. Either way they filmed me saying moab like 5 or 6 times.

Dude I miss you too! lol Moab was so much fun. I can’t wait till 08.

Hah, that was you? That made me and my mom laugh.

I’m a conformist…I say mo-ab. :smiley:

yeah moab was awesome!!
i think every one should do some serious mud riding though like matt did, we saw him at a car wash and we washed him down with the car wash hose…

Was that Jerrick standing behind the presenter at the start?
Or was it Jackie?
They both look alike.

I believe it was Jerrick.

I’m gonna try to make it to MMF '08.

Yup, that was Jerrick. He has the very feminine face going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m sure that was Jerrick 'cause I was standing right next to him.

So I know I’m way late on seeing this but I was pretty stoked to see myself doing the backflip off the slackline in the opening scenes. Although it was a pretty sloppy one.

the parrkore vidieo on the dew web site was really sweet so watch it!