Devil's Water Slide

John, Josh, Morgan and myself enjoyed another turn on Devil’s Slide in Simi Valley, CA. A sprinkling of rain provided more sliding than usual. (Too bad yesterday’s snow was already melted.) All part of the fun. As you’ll see, I’m starting to prefer the wipeout photos far more than the olympian shots.


That looks like alot of fun, if you guys ever do a ride near Santa Clarita let me know :slight_smile:

Well Simi Valley is pretty darn close to Santa Clarita, isn’t it? I don’t know what kinda trails you’ve got further in that direction - if you have any trail info to share, do tell.

When I ever get the time, I think someone should check out Vasquez rocks, on the 14 freeway. It’s about 15 minutes towards Palmdale after leaving the 5. It’s one of my many projects that I may never get too. (sigh)
I drove by there on the way to taking my kids up to snow play, and there has to be some trails in there, I would imagine.

That was the slickest rock I’ve ever ridden on. We actually got hailed on earlier that day. Lots of fun but loads of glittering UPD’s, though only Eyal has the knack for the theatrical “crucifix” flyers.

And Spencer, why don’t you just research a big ride in your area and we’ll devote a weekend to it.


Simi Valley is like 40 minutes away. I haven’t ridden any local trails but I will ask around.