Devil's Slide Double Time

After pounding rains for two days the only trail we figured was ridable today was the mile long rock tounge of Devil’s Slide. First time down we stopped often and sessioned at every interesting bit, trying to stay out of the big sumps that were filled with rain. After we shuttled back to the trail head after the ride we decided to try and bomb the trail once more pretty much in one go. Man, that’s not only a blast but a hell of a cardio and quad workout because the Slide is all relentless technical rolling with ledge drops and it works you like crazy. It’s realy fun to tackle something like this as though it were a sort of street course, trying to power through with no breaks.

Morgan was left to take pics since the rest of us were content to just ride. She’s getting real good real fast, especially considering her Caltech grad school work load. She plans on being an astronaut (no shit) and I just betcha she makes it someday soon.


Morgan’s in lab right now, but she had a blast. She improves in leaps and bounds every ride!

Today we also introduced Terry (aka terrybigwheel) to our flavor of SoCal MUni. He did great, pushing his skillset to the limit and taking some pointers to heart. I expect he’ll improve from his current level extremely quickly.

My wheelset was in the shop for truing (completely warped after six months of hard riding) so I borrowed John’s experimental rig which sported a KH wheelset with 150mm cranks. I’m used to 165mm, but I had no trouble with the transition, and had nearly the same success on all the lines I normally ride - with far less “crank-bangers” on the rocky trail.

Jess and Eyal both maximized the experience, picking technical lines and using moves that wowed us all.

Morgan took some good pictures:

I just wanted to chime in with a BIG thanks to Josh, Eyal, Jess, Morgan and John for making me feel welcome on today’s fantastic adventure! I learned so much from watching and listening to all these amazing muni-ers! I can’t wait to join this fun group again! (I promise not to leave my keys behind next time! LOL!) :smiley:

Its cool to see how much the vegetation has grown back on that trail already! Thanks for the photos guys (+morgan) (well especially morgan!). Nice huck over Jess, Josh!

Nice photos Morgan! Next time make someone take a couple of you riding.
John, your unarmored knees look very vulnerable.

Looks like another fun ride.


I was thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:

Wow Guys and Gal,

That is some great terrain. I filled up my drool cup plenty fast. I can’t wait to get healed up. The best part about that trail is it is 20 minutes from my house.:slight_smile: Once summer hits, it’s gonna be my workout area, especially in the very early a.m, with the onslaught of the summer heat.

I love that image of Jess on top of the world. Need to make it a background.

I am glad Terry got to ride with a group. He’s a great guy and has the MUNi bug, bad. He’s learning fast.

Cheers everyone

I already got it set up for a background on my pc =p

And the ride looked like it was tuns of fun, be kool to get a nice video of you all going down, just a non-stop, top to bottem type thing, with good music and editing, probably make a nice show =p