Devil 20, 24 HELP

so im getting a new uni im tired of my sun, and ive been thinking to get a koxxone, and i can afford a devil original, but i recently saw the track monster from koxx one, the looks are the same, but i could not find any technical specs, y want to do trials, but also i like to go ride in my city and i suffer with my 20’ so what should i get, there is also the white russian option, please help i dont know what to get!!

Track Monster and White Russian are both munis. I haven’t ridden them, but I bet they’re heavy for trials. I don’t think you’ll find one unicycle that is good for both trials and riding around the city. Maybe you can get a trials uni now and save up for a 29" later.

The K1 24" (at least the ones on sale) are quite heavy, if I had to jump any sort of trials distance or height, I would have problems with it. The tire and tube are where most of the weight is I believe.

There isn’t a uni that is good for everything, thankfully uni’s aren’t TOO expensive, and you can get a few!