Developmental phases (not skill levels)

hitarock, my riding partner, hypothesizes that there are three “developmental phases” to riding MUni.

They are not so much skill levels as levels of Muturity.

Phase 1. Avoid everything. Ride conservatively. Stay upright. Major associative feeling: fear.

Phase 2. Hit everything. Challenge and try to surmount all obstacles and still stay upright. Major associative feeling: adrenaline poisoning.

Phase 3. Jump everything. Try to put air between the wheel and every obstacle. Try to stay airborne, which is, of course, a qualitatively new type of “uprightness”. Major associative feeling: self-actualization.

I think we’re on to something here.

Im an addicted #3

oops, skipped 1 and 2 :roll_eyes:

Wait-# 2 now that I think about it…self-actualization-adrenaline poisoning…yeah.