Deutsch ist am besten!!!

ok so I don’t know much german but y’know I just wanted to be the only one to post on it.

Einradeln ist besser ala keinradeln

-Jonny W-

jeah !

hey jonny,

it’s great that the only german sentence which you can speak is: “einradeln ist besser als keinradeln”. Look to learn more german…I try all the time to learn more english…

greetings from germany

my homepage: !

I do know some german that isn’t all I can say I just prefer speakin English and computer languages they are the easiest for me to understand y’know? it would be alot easier if all the people around me spoke german.
From Utah, USA (the olympics are over now!!sniffle)


Hi Jonny,

yes that’s right. It would be a much easier if all other people around speak german, but I think german isn’t a world-language. It’s maybe sometimes better… . I think that the most unicyclers on the world speak english.
And it’s really funnier for me to learn a little bit of english and make much of grammar mistakes in my sentences :wink: Yeahh !!

Grüße aus Deutschland

well I dunno I guess I will just keep learning until I get: A) enough credits for college of
b) I get tired of it


Ich komma mit dem einrad.

Is this right?

Yea thats right.
But the spelling is wrong. It must be " Ich komme mit dem Einrad"

you can also say.

Ich fahre auf dem Einrad (I am riding my unicycle) or
Ich komme auf dem Einrad gefahren (I arrive while riding my uni)


Moritz Hahn

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