Details of London-based unicycle troupes needed please!

Aloha! I’ve recently moved to London and I have a unicycle-related problem. Basically I own a unicycle but I can’t even get my feet off the floor without needing to cling to a wall. I’m looking for some friendly people who might be able to teach me how to stay upright on a unicycle, and perhaps even teach me how to move forwards. It seems like there are lots of you pros out there who can jump through hoops backwards with your eyes closed, but if anyone knows of any groups who are welcoming/tolerant of beginners, that’d be brilliant. I’ve heard of unicycle hockey teams which sound amazing but which I fear would be well beyond my ability for a looooooooooong while yet. I thought perhaps they mightn’t mind me bruising myself up at the side of the pitch if it’s with the intention of one day being a one-wheeled hockey star… Ha! Ok, a girl can dream… :wink:

I’ve seen websites from years past referring to groups in Hackney, which would be great as that’s just down the road from me… However, some of these threads are quite old so I didn’t know if these groups are still going or not?

If anyone could even just point a gal in the right direction, that’d be grand!

Thanks lovelies!


unicycle hockey is one of the best ways to learn unicycling. You learn quicker, because you have a reason to learn, and you always have a stick, which is a useful thing to keep you upright. People tend to need a bit of wobbling off the pitch before they can actually play on pitch, but you’d be surprised at how quickly people get actually into the game (even if they fall off every time they hit the ball for a couple of weeks).

Hackney still play, as do Lunis, who play somewhere in West London, I’m sure someone local will post up details of exactly where and when.


email Martin on 1wheel at talktalk dot net and he’ll give you info on the session on wednesday evenings which is perfect for beginners. I think it’s at Holly Street…
good luck!