Destroyed Quadriceps

On today’s evidence, My Own Personal Everest had the last laugh. I can hardly walk.:o

Ooops - just seen this thread:

I feel your pain…(along with a bit of my own).

Been hobbling somewhat today. I think the cold and wet weather contributed to todays leg stiffness. I also cramped up whilst riding yesterday. I’ve never suffered from cramp whilst unicycling. I think that the cramp had something to do with the nasty conditions yesterday.

Oh dear. hope you losen up before the Muni weekend.


Drink more! Dehydration is a huge contributor to cramp (conclusions after painful experience), and on wet days you’re less inclined to drink lots due to feeling like a drowned rat. Sadly I don’t think people can hydrate very effectively by osmosis.

Having legs like this might help though.

John (Who has just finished his 39th exam out of 39 for his degree - yay me!)

Someone mentioned in the other thread about using a rolling pin; when my quad went ribbit the physio told me to use a very cold drinks can like a rolling pin to reduce the swelling. Not sure how it would work for crampy legs but it sure feels nice!
If you use a can of bitter it ends up at the perfect drinking temperature afterwards :wink:

Quad burn

Sounds like you did some serious riding.

I have a devil of a problem with my quads at the beginning of every snowboard season. No amount of working out in the gym seems to prepare those very specific areas of the muscle groups. Over the first few weeks of each season the problem goes away. One thing I’ve discovered is that taking Magnesium and Calcium seems to help. There is a commercial product on the market called SportLegs that contains those two items plus Vitamin D3. Check it out at

Ironically I find that unicycling does help avoid quad burn at the beginning of the snowboard season.

My entry to the Limping Around Club came from a half marathon yesterday; I have never run one before. Aaargh. Owww. Strangely enough cycling to work and back was no more difficult than it normally is, it’s just walking around that’s the hard bit. Maybe I need to persuade the boss to let me use a unicycle to get around the office…


Congrats on that. It is a serious distance to race.

to help cramping eat a bannana or 2, it should help your legs to feel better.

like he said: potassium.

i had some bad cramping today after riding for a long time yesterday and riding hard including up and down hills. knees and quads are KILLING me. they should be better tomorrow though.