Now that I am no longer timid about riding on roads with automobile traffic, it turns out that my evening ride is a two mile round-trip to Dunkin Donuts on my 24" Schwinn. This is good? This is bad? Well, it’s envigorating and delicious. And the iced coffee can’t be beat.

This is in a strip mall frequented by gangs of young bicycle riders. I do wish I were part of a gang of unicyclists swooping through to consume baked goods and caffeinated beverages and then riding off contentedly and with great mystery.

Raphael Lasar

Re: Destination…Donuts!


Sometimes in the summer, we (6 or 7 of us) ride down to the local Subway for lunch. Subway in Rochelle is right on the corner of the main intersection of town. We line up our unis up against the big window outside the shop while we’re eating then mount up and ride off with the great mystery of which you speak. It’s quite fun.


Re: Re: Destination…Donuts!

Hey, Bruce, what a coincidence. I unicycled to Subway yesterday for lunch for the first time. Alone, of course, though. There were a number of people there who were pretty impressed by my arrival on one wheel. But it sure would’ve been better as a gang.

“We’ll take whatever you got with 250 calories and 6 or fewer grams of fat. And make it snappy!”

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Destination…Donuts!

I haven’t ridden in traffic yet, and two miles is a bit far for me, but after a bit more practice…

Maybe I could drive down after work and go for coffee and donuts with you. We could be a unicycle gang of two. I know you are in keep-the-Coker mode, but you still have to try my wonderful, feather-light Yuni 29".

(And regarding my limited distance ability – after six months of riding, my legs still get tired quickly. I know it’s mostly because one foot is resisting the other. I’m working on that problem. I don’t ride like a beginner – it’s only a slight resistance, but it adds up. And a transportation device should require LESS energy than walking, not more. Oh, well. I’ll get it.)

Dave (uni57)

Uh Oh!

Bad news. The folks at my local Dunkin Donuts are now giving me free donuts just for riding there on my unicycle. Of course, to be polite, I eat them. It would be rude not to. :smiley:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Uh Oh!

Mmmm…my all time favorite…Dunkin Donuts buttermilk donut. And their coffee’s pretty good too. Used to go every Sunday after church for the buttermilk donut and coffee combo.

Of course now it’d be pretty difficult for me to just uni on down to the Dunkin Donuts shop as the nearest one is about 35 miles away.


Re: Re: Uh Oh!

Just what sort of primitive backwater is Rochelle, Bruce? We’ve got two within unicycling distance and who knows how many along the way to anywhere we happen to be going.

I mean, what do you do after a visit to McDonalds, or Burger King, or KFC, or Wendy’s, or Pizza Hut, or Taco Bell?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Re: Re: Uh Oh!

HEY…for your information, we just so happen to have two, count them, TWO Casey’s General Stores.

Primitive backwater (mumble, mumble)…

I just love this image of the mysterious bad ass unicycle gang moseying into town, shooting up the donut joint then riding out. It’s like the Magnificent 7 ride again.

If only Clint Eastwood had ridden a 6 foot giraffe in High Plains Drifter…

And it goes so well with my mysterious bicycle repairing activities… the child in distress… the chain dragging in the mud… the tears… then suddenly from nowhere, the masked stranger on the big wheel. The chain is replaced, the gears adjusted… “Don’t thank me, son, just doing my job…” and then he was gone, leaving only a silver crank bolt.

When Mark, Alan and I went out in Cannock Chase, we may well have been mistaken for the Good the Bad and the Ugly (or perhaps just the 3 ugly sisters?).

So, what say you to us forming an international unicycle outlaw gang, with colours, tattoos, and a code of honour? A spokesman for the Unicycle Society of America can go on TV to explain that 99% of unicyclists are decent citizens (OK, he can lie;) ) and the next day, the gang brothers can go out and get 1% tattoos done.

Marlon Brando in The Wild One… on a Coker, with the stolen race trophy bungeed to his fork crown…

I must go and sit down. Oh, I am doing.:smiley:

Dunkin’ Donut?? Get that Yankee Donut blasphemy out of here…everyone knows the Southern Krispy Kreme is the superior donut!!! (I smell the makings of the next civil War) :slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, from my perspective, Yank though I may be, Krispy Kremes are the better donut. They’re pretty widely available in suburban NJ, but not in Krispy Kreme stores. Exxon stations and other convenience stores carry them. For my part however, riding to a Dunkin Donuts where the coffee is quite good there are families hanging out is much preferable to riding to a convenience store where the smell of gasoline is hanging out.

I first tried Krispy Kreme during a 1992 driving tour around North Carolina. I was pleased to see that southern cops spend as much time there as northern ones do at Dunkin Donuts.

When Krispy Kreme starts putting full blown locations in my area, I’ll certainly ride there, too.

Sorry not to take the bait.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

KK’s are indeed the better donut…the day of manufacture. I’ve found that DD’s are better the second day which is usually when I get to eat them after bringing them home because we’re so primitive the donut shop is so far away. :slight_smile:

The KK shop is even further than DD. Hey, I’ve got an idea. I’m still unemployed. Perhaps it’s time for Rochelle to move into the current century with a donut shop. I’d make the best and folks would unicycle in from all parts of the country just to have my donuts.

Such gang exists. Check out

What?!!? Are you all mad??

Ok, Pizza Hut aren’t bad, but all the others are the worst places to eat out EVER! Does fast food rule your lives? And riding after eating the mass of grease and fat they call “food” can’t be good. I struggle to ride after eating a realatively healthy meal. How do you guys do it??

As you may have guessed, I dislike fast food.