Desperatly In Need Of Help Please!

:frowning: this morning i got my new nimbus xxx frame and bearings from i was so excited about riding my new improved muni but me and m brother and dad have spent all day trying to take my unicycle apart and we can’t get these stupid lolipopp bearings off to put the new ones on i’ve posted some pictures i phoned my friend and he told me one way where you tap them wiht a meal rod and prise them off or something but we are too scared to try and aren’t really sure how and the other thing he said is you need a bearing puller but we don’t have one and garages and stuff are shut sundays i’m getting unicycle wihtdrawal syndrome already please if anyone has any ideas post quick please!


my unicycle is

(wiht a KH velo seat new pedals new tyre and hopefully soon new everything)


bearings (2).jpg


bearings (2).jpg

First: DON’T PANIC! Take a deep breath and relax.

Then put the old unicycle back together and let the new frame rest until monday.

ive delt with this before,

first u wanna either find your self a gear puller or just take two screwdirvers and pop those bearing covers off. there not attached, because there just covers.

if you take them off you’ll have a normal bearing set up.



bad news most lollypop bearings do not fit in the nimbus housings as far as i know, looks like a new order from

Re: sorry

Good news & bad news…

I am pretty sure thinuniking is mistaken here & the unicycles sold by with lollipop bearing holders have the same size bearings as normal, i.e. 40mm diameter. I have done this conversion myself.

Bad news is that I think you will be unlikely to pull the lollipop bearing holders off without either damaging the bearings or the wheel unless you use a suitable puller.

Ring everyone you know in the locality asking if they have a puller.
Wait till Monday & go to the garage :frowning:

This is a common sort of puller that would do the job, it has 3 legs:


Thanks for all your help, i ordered new bearings from as well they came with the frame order so no worries there i put my old frame and unicycle back together so i have a unicycle for now and i’lll use it to go on my quest for a puller!

Many auto parts places will sell pullers.

A bearing supply should certainly sell them. (In the US, these places can be found by looking under “bearing” in the yellow pages phone book).

Most auto repair places will have pullers - take your uni in, and they might well remove your bearing for no charge.

no sense in keeping those lollys so here is what you do.take a hacksaw and cut a slit in the round part of the lolly.cut it down carfully till you can see the bearings,then stick a flat head screw driver in the slit and pop it with a hammer.the lolly will break free from the bearings.

the lollys are made out of soft aluminum,it was a very easy task

busted lollypop.jpg

that is not a uni it is one of the bike shop ones infact it is the same as one of our club members uni’s .And the bearings did not fit when he made the switch.