Desperately seeking...

Owing to a tragic loss of data due to over-zealous disk quota enforcement I’ve
lost Peter Philips’ email address. Where are you!

For those in the East Anglia region, or even better Cambridge, Jez and I will
definitely be going down to London to play hockey, given that I find out their
address again! I’ll be leaving 5.30pm and can pick people up if nec.

Sorry to all you Americans for dangling such a tantalising offer across
the Atlantic.

By way of compensation, I’ve been furthering my wheel-walking (what, level 5?
you must be joking!) skill, having just got a new axle after the last bust in
Brussels and can offer the following tips:

  1. some recommend long controlled steps. I seem to have learnt with short
    frequent steps as this seems to allow rapid changes in direction etc.

  2. Make sure the foot starts right at the top, heel touching frame.

  3. Practise control rather than balance, ie when it’s rushing forward, lean back
    slightly and apply gradual back pressure as you frantically try to keep up. I
    found going really slowly quite instructive.

  4. Keep your head up, but not too high, be prepared to ‘walk’ around aimlessly
    without any control over direction at all. Well, at least that’s what I do.

  5. Learn on a big wheel if poss. I can’t imagine doing it on a 20". Lower
    torque, and way less area. Ah well, I’ve seen it done so mileage varying etc.

  6. Bizarre as it may seem, I go considerably further if I say ‘control’ over and
    over again while ‘walking’. Seems to keep me focussed or something. Might be
    complete rubbish, but who knows.

RIght, I need some advice now. The uni leans to the left, and I have to
compensate by leaning to the right, and apparently my right shoulder’s quite far
forward. This has happened since my new 26" wheel. It also seems to happen when
I carry a hockey stick (which is almost always, to prevent automobile hassle)
and I haven’t checked without yet. The top of the wheel lines up with the frame,
although that’s no reason why the bottom should. I haven’t started experimenting
with wheel dishing etc. and thought I’d just ask while I was logged in…

Any ideas?

Cheers, Paul.

PS, I’m not actually subscribed to this list, so replies cc:'ed to me