Designing a frame

After suffering from the cracked frame that uses lollipop bearing holders, and the lack of good commercial unicycles over here, i just set out to design my own frame… :smiley:

Hope my design will be good enough to endure the amount of stress and abuse i throw at it… :slight_smile:

Anyone have any experiences at frame designing?

i think dirtuni makes frames

Andrew Carter went through the process of designing a frame for a muni last year (I think). A search on “frame design” in posts by him (“andrew_carter”) turns up loads of threads that you might want a look at.


I came up with a frame that could hold a 26x3.0 tire… Frame is to be constructed using stainless steel and will weight about 2lbs…

frame design

I think it’s awesome when people design new frames.

The important elements to think about that will cause difficulty are: bearing clamps, crown design, leg width, and durability.
I would recommend using thick seat tube material, and crown material because you will get a lot of torque from the twisting seat, and it’s recurrent encounters with the ground.

The bearing clamps are a little tricky because you need to have one that is the exact same size as the bearing.
You can either make your own using tubing split, and with clamps welded on, or order a pair from me already finished.

Unfortunately I pay a lot for the dropouts I have machined.
My cost is about $30 parts, and then some labor on the tig welder and lathe.
I would gladly sell you a set for $ 50.
But, I know it’s pretty pricey, and you will be fine making your’s if you can get the right diameter tubing.

give a call if you like 877 593 1251

Designing frames is fun! I don’t have the skills or tools to make frames, but last year I designed one and got a guy who makes wheelchairs to build it for me. I went through a lot of preparation and asked heaps of questions but it was all worth it. As Phil said, there are plenty of threads about my frame. The only problem I had was that there was a communication error and they didn’t allow much side clearance at all at the top. It doesn’t effect the ride at all…just means that the paint gets a little worn away when rocks hit it. Luckiliy the wheel is strong and still staying reasonably true. There are heaps of photos of it in the ‘My Unicycles’ section of my albums at . Feel free to ask any questions. I’ve attached some photos of my muni (with the frame I had made) all set up for a race.

At the moment I’m making myself a two wheeler with two 12" wheels and after that, a seated hand-driven unicycle, then a freestyle uni. The fun never stops! :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Check this out

Look below projects at the mud frame and ears.

Thanks for the offer Dirtuni, but i have sent out the drafts of the bearing holders for fabrication.
Here’s a few snap shots of the frame i designed using a CAD program… :slight_smile:

The bearing holders

The fork crown

I got a local workshop to do it up for me… :slight_smile:

Any comments on them?

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Thanks for pointing that out to me…
I’ve created an album: