Design Function Question: Fusion

Just a quick question, does anyone know if the KH Fusion Saddle cover is any good for using as an air seat cover? if not, what else is there for a KH airseat cover?

I have the new fusion seat and its awsome the new front handle is so comfortable but I have not put an airseat inderneath it so I cant answer your second question but I have talked to poeple who say its great

I don’t know about the Fusion seat cover. I haven’t tried it yet. Besides the Fusion cover your options are the Rocks Seat Cover from Bedford Unicycles and the Gemcrest seat covers at The Rocks Seat Cover is similar to the Roach seat covers of old.

I’ve got two fusion covers both on Carbons seats but I use cut down foam rather than air. I see no reason why it wouldn’t work as an airseat. The cover looks really durable and a better shape than the Roach cover I have on my airseat.


I’m interested in cutting down my foam too. How much were you able to cut before the cover could no longer tighten nicely over the seat? Thanks.

I cut it exactly in half and used the foam to make two separate Carbon/Foam/Fusion airseats. I had to trim a little bit extra off the edges since the foam was off one of my older generation KH seats with fatter edges.

Sorry, not a very useful pic at all but here it is (half way down the page):
It looks very much similar to a Koxx Gel seat, in terms of thickness.

The reason I like the foam more than an airseat is that it is firmer and gives better control. It’s still pretty comfortable. I think the KH seat is far too thick- after a couple of cm’s of squish, the foam doesn’t squish anymore anyway, no matter how thick your foam is. I’m really happy with my KH seats at the moment. It’s lighter, stiffer, and there’s less of it to get in the way compared with a Std KH seat. And it’s less wobbly compared with an airseat.

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I’ ve made a lot of air saddles

Old designs:

Viscount - kh - air seat:
KH - Air - Miyata:

I love the last one because of the cool shape and little weight!!

Rigth now Im testing the Koxx - KH gel saddle with great feedback.

I made may last air saddle with a fusion cover, I´ve upgraded that one with a single layer air pillow, i makes a perfect air saddle!! Stong and confi air saddle with handle, metal base and a great cover!! See the instructions here:


very kewl post!

a picture worth a thousand words?
can u do one of those for learning to ride?
and idle?
and hop?

GizmoDuck, what do you use to cut the foam? A utility knife?

A bread knife

Thanks for mentioning that Ken. I have been concerned about the weight and rigidity of the KH Fusion seats, that puts my mind at ease a little more. Check out my latest thread to see what I’m talking about…huge muni upgrade! Yippee! :smiley:



The only thing fusion about my seat is the fusion cover. I can’t speak for the rigidity of the seatbase because I’m using a carbon base. The guts of my fusion seat (ie foam) came off an old KH seat.

Good luck with you project though :slight_smile:


p/s Don’t spend too much…you still need to take a holiday across the Tasman :wink:

  • Unicycles are great, but unicycling experiences are forever.
    (I’m sure I’d have a nice custom carbon fibre Coker by now if it weren’t for three expensive overseas trips last year)

Very true. I’m sure the Fusion saddle will work out well anyway.



is the rear bumper you used on the viscount kh air just a normal viscount bumper???


i juast cut only about 3/4 of an inch off my fusion and it feels so much better for seat out. When you cut it you can shape it to you crotch too.

hi unijuggler!

Theonly viscount thing is the seat base, the handle and the bumper, and the cover are KH brand, I bougth them form