Desert MUNI Race Ridgercrest, Ca

Thanks guys, it was really a fun race! I wrote a little bit on facebook about it:

Interesting that Mt Diablo and RDC are quite close in terms of uni vs bike. Maybe the Mt Diablo field was simply more stacked.

Lots of pictures of the race here.

Thanks for riding in the RDC

Thanks to all the unicyclists for coming out to the Ridgecrest Desert Classic race. We had a great turnout with 8 MUni riders. Jose, Ricardo, Chad, Kayden, and Tamera rode the unicycle course and all did great. Ben, Dakoda, and Marc all rode the expert course. All of these riders finished the course which is extremely impressive. I had underestimated what was possible on a unicycle. I am amazed by the skill and endurance of these riders. We appreciate everyone for attending our event and making the unicycle category a big success. We hope to see everyone again next year.