Des Moines, Iowa

Any unicyclists out in the Des Moines, Iowa area? I feel like I’m the only one left. I’ve read about clubs and things that existed about 5-15 years ago, but nothing since then.

Not Des Moines, but Iowa City, Iowa. Same problem here. I have never seen an other unicyclist. Too bad we are two hours apart :frowning:

Presumably one of you will wake up tomorrow feeling compelled to plow under an acre of corn and build a trials course?

I ride all the time (in West Des Moines)

There was a big club in Chariton, about 60 miles south I think. They hosted the USA annual conventions in 1991 and 1996. But I think the core families’ kids grew up and went off to college, which may have caused the Chariton Unicyclists to fade.

The Edwards Family, who hosted those conventions, were kind enough to put me up in their home for a night when I was moving from Long Island to Sacramento. On the morning after I arrived, I joined them for a weekday “Just Say No” parade to the State Captiol in Des Moines. :slight_smile:

Ahh… Just a little bit out of my reach. I’ve been driving around to different trails around Des Moines on the weekends but it’s hard to make a loop without going 10-15 miles it seems.

I just got a uni with the KH Fusion seat but it hasn’t been too friendly so far.

That’s around the time that I started to learn. I was about 8 years old in 1993.