der Uber Coker videos + review

Okay, so last weekend I went up to NYC to try out der Uber Coker (geared coker, geared to 1.5:1). I mainly wanted to try out the beast to see if I wanted to invest in a schlumpf 36er, and well…after trying it…I DO! The 54" equivalent wheel is incredible. I do not own a coker, and last saturday was only the second or third time I had been on a regular coker, let alone a geared one, but I was able to ride der Uber Coker quite well. It took a couple minutes to get the hang of it and freemount it, but after a while I was able to freemount and blast off. It is a little slow to start, but once you get it started it moves beautifully. It is so smooth and requires little effort to go fast, it does however require more concentration than a regular coker. Either way, it was an incredible feeling pedaling so slow and going so fast! I think that with the schlumpf hub being able to downshift to the 1:1 mode to go uphill will be great and then on the flats and downhills shifting up to the 1:1.5 mode would be great. Der Uber currently has 150mm cranks on it, and these were perfect. I don’t think I would go any higher than 150mm because it would probably hurt my knees more on long distance, and smaller than 150mm I would lose a little control. The only downside to der Uber was that it was rather heavy, but it was not that much heavier than Andrew’s stock coker, so it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Here are some videos of me riding der Uber, and one video of Andrew doing a pirouette on his stock coker:

I just emailed Florian and he said that if I ordered now I could have the hub in about 3 weeks, so I am pretty sure I am going to order one soon.

That looks great!

I never got a chance to use 110’s on that before, but my local Velodrome shall prove the perfect place for that! I’m anxious to try out the new and improved uber, i only had it before Andrew smashed it up :wink:

Ride it while you can, It’s coming home to Canada in two weeks :slight_smile:

Andrew, nice work on those pirouttes, too bad you weren’t on a gym floor or something slick. ( I did notice that Grant’s tomb had quite the slick surfaces inside! )

see you guys soon!

110s + der Uber + a velodrome…sounds like heaven! Be sure to take some videos and record your speed!

Awesome vids!!
You can hear me yapping it up with Andrew in one of them.
The first one with the pirouettes is gr8t!

I only get the sound!
What are you using to play. I updated quicktime and still only sound.

good ol’ windows media player

did it at least ‘sound’ fast?

If you only hear sound you might need the divx codec (

but yeah, I am using windows media player as well.

I used real player and it came out fine, but siafirede is right, you probably just need the proper codec.

Nice videos. Glad you guys had fun with it. I wish fearless Andrew would take it out on a bike trail and get someone to clock him on it before he gives it to pokey Brian.

hopefully i will be able to get it up to 10-12 km/h!

You don’t even drive that fast. Sissy.

Maybe the man in a women’s swimsuit is right…I AM a sissy :frowning:

So…this thing is MUni capable then??

I got it to work. Just some messed up quick time issue. Media player worked better. :slight_smile:

SO that was fantastic!!! Itis so neat just to see people riding together. Dont take that for granted. I have always ridden alone. (poor me). Any how. Very nice fast riding!!!

I would very much like to make that wish come true before I have to give it back in a week or so! Now that I’ve been riding der Uber in the street, I’d like to get clocked on 5th Ave. or Broadway as well… makes for better scenery and there’s a bit more of an urgency to make sure nothing goes wrong… plus the police really seem to get a kick out of it! Now, I just need someone to clock me. Maybe I’ll post an ad on Craigs List for someone who can clock me on their bike.

That wasn’t one of my better ones… but thanks, Brian.

The security guards hassle me when I ride down the stairs outside of the building housing Grant’s Tomb… so I doubt they would take too kindly to my doing pirouettes inside the building, unfortunately!

Though I haven’t driven in a car with him, I have faith that Brian will be able to achieve his goal of 10-12 km/h!

… it’s more the banking at the velodrome that concerns me! (Remember the last time Brian rode his Coker on some banking? :astonished: )


No, no I don’t…

hey guys… i need pic of der uber coker… close up at the hub and cranks please, my brother wants to see it close up, thanks

Hub and wheel views but no cranks