Denver - Muni or street Nov 18, 19

I’m going to be in Denver November 17-19, and that Friday and Saturday I’ll probably have time to either do some muni or some riding in the city. Any riders in Denver interested in getting together?

For trails, I’ve ridden the Vancouver North Shore trails a few times, so I can handle trails that technical, but I could have fun on much tamer trails as well.

Seriously? There have to be some muni riders at least in the Denver/Boulder area!

Noli that you!?
Dood there is colby and max up there. I dont know if they will be free though.

I’m not sure where you will be able to do muni in November, I think the front range has quite a bit of snow already.

Green Mountain might be rideable if anything since it gets the most sun.

I’m not in Denver anymore so I can’t meet up, but hopefully it is a fun trip for you.

Maybe i’ll hit up Colby. I’d be interested to see how his cankles are doing.