Denver Area Muni Riders

Steve Gottsig (msp??) of 7 news is interested in doing a news item about Muni. His brother saw me in Golden and gave him my number. He wants footage of a group of muni riders and an interview. Anyone interested?

i would but we dont have any munis and i got work…
ill ask my dad and everyone about it…
when do you know when he wants us?

There’s a couple of us in the 'springs; with enough warning we might be able to make it up there. We’re not that great at it yet, but we have lots of fun!


He said to gather some interested folk and call him back. I don’t know when. I don’t even know if I want to do this myself. I’d like to meet other area Muni riders though. I’ve heard rumors of people riding the Apex Trail in Golden, a man and his son. I ride Mattews Winter and South Table Mountain open space often because it’s convenient and pretty easy. I’m fair to mediocre on the Muni, but I’m getting better.