Denver Area Muni Report

After a glorious morning riding at the “Lair O’ the Bear” open space park, I’ve decided to post my progress report on the front range muni I’ve done this summer and last since I started riding on trails.

The Colorado Trail at Buffalo Creek- Absolutely the smoothest trail I’ve ridden outside of a suburban bike path. This summer the Colorado Trail seems technically too easy although it is a great place to go when I want to ride for miles without a UPD.

Lair O’ the Bear - I always found this park just a little too small to justify taking my mountain bike there. On the Uni it has become a terrific park to climb until I collapse. This trail has more rocks and bumbs but is still technically moderate and very rideable for me.

White Ranch Park- Trails at White Ranch come in two varieties… too easy or darn near impossible.

Meyers Ranch- The best muni close to denver for my money. I’ve become addicted to challenging but seemingly possible climbs. This park has sustained climbing, technical descents and just enough smooth sections of trail to entice the rider into dangerous speeds. Oh… and the whole thing is in the shade of the forest.

Matthew Winters- I’ve ridden the large lower loop and the small loop just off the parking lot. This park is totally exposed to the sun but is technically challenging with enough sustained climbs that I usually walk a little funny the next day.

 Technical trails seem a lot more fun to me this summer and I like the hairy downhills. I'm kind of a glutton for punishment, though, and I think my main goal is to become a more fluid, stronger climber. I would love to be able to hit any of the Open space parts in the foothills and ride the climbs without stopping. 

What a challenge!!! Even though people compliment me and remark about how difficult muni must be, I don’t think they have the first idea how fun and all consuming it is to hammer out a steep climb or flow down a technical descent.

Is this the Joe I met at City park? If it is, hello, if it isn’t, hello.

Yep… Hey Theo,

You are still the only person on a unicycle I’ve ever bumped into while unicycling.

Aside from my friend who munis with me, I have yet to see another unicyclist on the trail. I hoped this thread would stir up a few comments from local riders.

Well then, Joe, I just got a 36er so I’ve been doing a lot of distance riding, and my favorite Denver ride is getting on the Platte river trail near my house, and riding to Cherry Creek trail and then up to the resevior. Other than that, I’ve done some light to moderate Muni this summer with 2 friends here, and it would be fun to make the group larger.

And last time I was at Meyer’s Ranch (a year or so ago) it was free, have they started charging? Or is it a seasonal thing? And how much is it?

A Muni report without a pic(s) is like a painting without a canvass.


lair o the bear pic

lair o the bear pic

doh!!,hopefully soon

Re: Denver Area Muni Report

On Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:56:54 -0500, “vivalargo” wrote:

>A Muni report without a pic(s) is like a painting without a canvass.

Isn’t it rather like a canvass without a painting?

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Mr. Lind you must email me or call the next time you head out on a distance ride. I want to check out your 36. If you don’t mind waiting for a slowpoke on a 29, that is.

Also, all the above mentioned parks are free of charge…except that if you park at the main lot at the Colorado trail/Buffalo Creek you have to pay $4. We always park a hundred yards down the road and save the $$$ by riding to the trailhead.

nice rabbit

It’s not muni, and maybe a bit less Denver-area (dunno, have’nt looked it up), but: