Denver Area MUni-ers

Hey, I was riding today in Apex Park in Golden, CO, and this mountain b*ker I passed (I mean who passed me:( ) said he saw two guys on MUnis yesterday (Sat) at White Ranch (I guess this is a couple peaks down from Apex Park?). Sound familiar to anyone?

The next b*ker a saw asked me if I was supposed to be in Napal or something :thinking: :wink:


golden colorado? u gotta be kidding me

i was in the small town of golden colorado maybe 7 years ago…thats the place with the hot springs right? anyways that was before i got into unicyclin. My family and I did a lot of hiking in that area. Jeez come to think of it, there would be an infinite amount of good muni trails there. Sweet now i gotta go back.

Hi Andy;

We were at White Ranch yesterday (Sunday), Myself (old man) and Owen and Nate (both 13). It wasn’t very fun because alot of the trail was still snow packed (it’s 7000 ft after all). We will certainly be back, because there is a downhill section that will be a lot of fun once it’s clear. We live in Boulder, give us a holler if you want to ride sometime, or come do trials with us on Wed nights in the gym.

Jim-Rob; where do you ride? I’m in Windsor (east of FtCollins) so I’m just a little north of the Peoples Republic… I ocasionally am told of “some other guy who rides one of those things” (maybe that’s you)…

Hi Yeti;

We ride alot at Hall Ranch, just west of Lyons. I like to do the whole loop and the kids have fun on the “Rock Garden” (hey doesn’t every good MUni trail have something called ‘the Rock Garden’?). We also ride at CATS gym;, every Wednesday at 8pm. Its fun because there are usually some Bike trials folks there and the floor is soft, so it’s easier to try new things for us old brittle people.

I’m open to suggestions if you have some new places to try, I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface of the trails on the Front Range here. Drop me a PM and we can put something together.

Not me. I rode Apex an few times last year and have been waiting. I want to go back but was worried about snow and mud. It’s good to go finally?

happy happy it it’s dry. I’m up for a ride this weekend. I’m not too far to drive.

Sweet. Unicyclists in Denver. I’m supposed to be going to Denver this summer to start a circus with some of my friends. Is anyone in Denver that posts here cool with circus?

If you’re interested in more information, you can leave me a PM or talk to me on AIM- transientcolors


I was up there last weekend and hit snow on Apex trail just before it hits sluicebox. This weekend I stayed on the front side of the hill on pick n sledge and the grubstake loop and didn’t hit any snow or mud at all. I should have asked someone coming down how Apex trail was further up. Plenty of the trails are rideable and bone dry, though. I’m going to be back there this Sunday at about 11:30 to ride for a couple of hours. If anyone wanted to meet me there that would be great.

Weeknights are tight right now cause I’ve got classes after my full time job, but if you’re still hanging out there in about 7 weeks, I’ll be out for summer and I’d love to check it out.


nice nice…been riding some intermediate stuff near the boulder rez. If anyone heads this way feel free to post it up…i dn that cats has trials at8…my sis goes there…

I am in Fort Collins. We should organize a group ride sometime.

There is always the pretty inactive F.R.U.G. (Front Range Uni Group).