Denubbing DX Cranks

I went outside today determined to hop that 5 set Iv’e had my eye on for some time. I was too scared (lol) to jump it while roling yet so I just did it sideways. after about 5 times, I quit because my ankles were hurting. I’ve read about denubbing cranks before and I wondered which is cheaper: Denubbing my cranks or buying the 661 ankle biters ($20 from
Does the denubbing procces simply involve taking the cranks off, grinding the nub off, and putting them back on? Or do I have to have the axle ground down too?

when you denubb it, if you don’t grind down the bolt too, it sticks out and causes even more pain. I would suggest just getting the anklebiters.

I had this problem for a bit. U just have to keep on doing big drops every rides, and you get more resistant. Just keep at it. I badly twisted my ankle off a three set (lol), and now I can do a 10 set without probs.

What do denubbed cranks look like? I’ve never seen them before.

You have to get a special kind of crank bolt from Bedford so that the crank bolt doesnt stick out too. Just get ankle bitters. If you try to denub your cranks and screw up then you would have to buy new cranks. Only cranks that I know of that fit the DX hub are Redline cranks which come in 170mm and longer which is fine if you are on a 24" but terrible is youre DX is the trials version.

Yeah I posted about this a while ago. The ankle bitters help a little but I guess you just kinda don’t do it after a while.

wat does denubbing cranks mean?

On some cranks, mainly the older 2003-04 KH cranks, at the part where the crank slid onto the hub, there was a little nub that stuck out a little bit.

A lot of people would rip their ankles apart with the little nubs, but a lot of people also never had a problem with them getting hit.

Denubbing is when you get that little nub grinded off your crank. There is a thread be loosegoose who is selling a summit with denubbed KH cranks. You can see the pictures there. Or do a search.


Theres a gallery of KH summit, with denubbed cranks.

Here the original cranks, you can see the big nub on it.


Yep, easy to do.


How? Just take an angle grinder to it?

Okay, This is an old thread but I need help for De-nubbing my Torker DX cranks and I didn’t wanted to start a new thread only for one question.
-What kind of bolt I need to get for this?
-Where can I get those bolts?
Thanks in advance for the help.