Denton Unimeet

To Steve, Stu and those who attended:

Just thought I had better let you know that, following his dad’s fine
example from last year’s BUC, Zyllan also ended up in A&E last night.
Having fallen off , after riding some 9/10th of the way along that 30 foot
length of scaffolding, the seat somewhat freakishly hit the back of his calf
hard, and has caused internal bleeding and swelling of the Gastrocnemius
muscle ( Must be a new muscle, I am sure in my day we never had those ).

He complains that being given only TWO crutches will severely restrict what
he can do with them, although he does propose to practice the crutch scene
from “There’s Something about Mary”. The thought of adding fire wicks to
the crutch ends has also been mentioned.

He is taking anti-inflammatory drugs, wearing a compression bandage and
trying to get time off school, not necessarily in that order of importance.
It is unlikely he will make the first Tuesday uni hockey, and is also an
almost certain non starter for uni gladiators at Liverpool next weekend.

John ( aka Zyl’s dad)

Sounds nasty!

How long before he will be fixed?

I hope Zyllan gets well soon!
Take care,


Ouch!! You could always try the crutch ruitine from Varekai. man that sucks.

Get well soon



I found balancing on one crutch to be a good pointless thing to do with crutches. First learn to balance in the air holding two (easy) and then try and balance on just one (difficult). They’re really dodgily balanced for spinning or throwing, or at least the ones I had were.


Re: Denton Unimeet

“joe” <> wrote in message
> Sounds nasty!
> How long before he will be fixed?
> I hope Zyllan gets well soon!
> Take care,
Thanks for that, Teenagers bounce well, and heal faster than real people.
They are also slow to notice pain…was it 5 hockey games after the fall?
However pressure from the leaking blood was building up and pain probably
maxed out early Sunday morning. Some minor signs of improvement now and so
I reckon he will be back on the wheel within a fortnight or so.
PS we did ask for a uniwheelchair in A&E. A request that got a very odd
stare in reply of course!


I thought Zillan was looking ill in the last of those games.

Glad he is on the mend.

Just a normal wheel chair is more fun than the crutches in my opinion, pity you could not get one of them to play with. Did you see Trevor playing with the one at BUC (I think)? truely inspiring!

sounds painful
get well soon zyl.

Lol Bjc Roger :slight_smile: yes my dad has 4 wheel chairs and i often like balancing on them. Its quite fun :slight_smile:


ah have a picture :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about the accident Zyl. Having bashed both my elbows on that hard floor attempting the same, has now taught me to wear some body armour when playing on thin things. Unfortunately, in your case, it’s difficult to protect the back of the calf. I do hope you get better soon.

You should have stuck with the 1" wide beem instead - that was easier. Yes, I know, you had already managed that!

See you soon.