Dented frame

One of the forks on my KH24 was dented on the flight back from
Minnesota. It looks as if something really heavy was dropped on the bag
and there is a dent in the middle of the left fork. I can ride it that
way, but the dent puts the breaks out of alignment and they won’t work.

Anyone have any ideas on how and/or where to have the dent pulled out?

NUAAC was a lot of fun. Unicycle bowling and the Bedford Mass Start
Downhill at the Muni Uphill and Downhill races was a blast. Flaming Puck
Hockey took place twice and was great (as usual), but the highlight for
me was watching Jacinto Castillo riding with a flaming Monty wheel. La
rueda de Jacinto en Fuego.

John Hooten

Re: Dented frame

Best bet is to take it to a bicycle frame builder who does steel frames and see what they suggest. They have tools that can straighten, unbend, and align forks and frames. Hunter Cycles would probably be a good place to go or ask at a bike shop for other local frame builders.

The nice thing about steel frames is that they can be bent back in to shape. Can’t do that with aluminum.

Or you could sue the airline for a damaged unicycle, and get them to replace it for you.

Hmmm. It might work, but I highly doubt it. I think they’d start off by saying something like “What unicycle? You were supposed to tell us about that so we could charge you more and be released from liability!”

I think you would have better results walking the 150 miles or so to Rick Hunter, or finding out if any “local” frame experts can fix it.

How was the unicycle packed? I’m always paranoid about crush damage when I fly my unicycles. I pad them with foam, but who knows what goes on in the automated machinery and load/unload process?

yeah, It was meant to be a joke.