Filmed during the latest street/trials weekend in New Zealand.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Cool video. :slight_smile: Nice riding, filming and editing.
My favourite parts were the trials line from 5:12 and everything done by the kid on the 16". :smiley:

nice video :wink:

keep it up!

Nice riding.

Nice vid :), well done :D!

Wow, that’s a lot of energy drinks. I’m impressed. Oh, and good riding too, eh?

Wow, I really enjoyed that. Great street and trials riding, filming, editting, and song. It’s nice to see the kids bending axles so thoroughly. I’ll definitely be watching this video more than once.

The song was probably the icing on the cake. I always get excited whenever I hear a new post-rock band making music. Thanks for providing a link on YouTube to Spiderplain’s MySpace page. Definitely enjoyed listening to their other songs. But I was disappointed that there was no album or EP out. Tell them to hurry up and find a new bassist so that they can start recording and I can buy their stuff.

Excellent video !!! The riding was great, cool to see a younger kid really going for it. Liked the filming style, had a nice flow to it. The music suited the video really well … and I really enjoyed the music. Nice one :slight_smile:

good riding
like the kid with the 16" uni