Demola - Josef Sjönneby


it’s great to see a good made vid! also with the editing and scenery, not all this “in front of my house” or in my garage and in my backyard stuff, it’s also fun to watch fo someone who’s not very in that flatland thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome vid!!! the location is so nice the filmingand editing is insane, the intro and the ending is cool and the treysidedouble was sick:p

Awesome video !! Loved it. The editing was great, the quality superb, music fit really well, and the riding was good. Nice one :slight_smile:

Edit: The begining and end was a nice touch…

haha great vid!!
good riding,editing,music… :roll_eyes:

How do you know this isnt his backyard :stuck_out_tongue: This is the same scenery as most of their vids.

But, I still liked the scenery and the vid. Even tho it was almost all flatland :stuck_out_tongue: Ending was nice, one part confused me tho :wink:

I really wanna see this. But I can’t watch vimeo unless it is embeded for some reason. is it on youtube?

That was awesome.

I like your uni :wink:

i liked the end. did someone throw your unicycle?

what kind of camera do you have?

We have the panasonic sd-100. my brother throwed my (very good looking) uni to me, he´s injureed right now so he can´t ride that much, just filming.
it´s not full hd yet, our computer can´t handle that.
This is not my yard, but i´m living in a village, and if you walk 1 km from there you have this road, it´s very beutiful.
and it´s not on youtube…