Demo/Jam for All UK Street and Trials riders

Hey guys,

This is an invitation to those who are interested.
I work for a company called EHX and we do demos across the country in all “Extreme” sports, including unicycling. Recently the guys behind the team have built a park, mainly for skating and BMXing but which also features breakdancing, free running and musical acts too called Transgression Park.
We are looking to hold events/comps in the park and I was hoping to have a unicycling influence. What I’m proposing is a Jam format where Trials and Street riders alike can come and ride the park. For those who don’t know, a jam is basically a free for all. All riders ride the park for a set time and judges then judge them on a number of categories. Although the park is full of ramps and bowls the park will be adapted for unicycle riding, but there are some good lines in there already.
I don’t want people to be discouraged by the competition element, everyone is welcome to come ride and have a good time. Street riding and outdoor trials will also be organised if the weather is good so don’t be shy. The idea is to have a powerful unicycling presence in the park and to entertain the public and for all riders to have fun.
The preposed month to hold it is May, but this is only a thought. If there is a popular response to change the date then it’s likely it will be moved. Just really trying to get a feeling for it right now.

So what do you think guys? I miss riding in a big group and also wanna share my riding spots with you all. Hopefully we can get some good footage and make a nice vid too. Like I said, all are welcome, even Non-Brits.


I am game thats a wicked idea and competition element is good for experience, so yeh i’m up for that if theres no clashes with any other events count me in


that is a sexy park.

Im well up for that mate. Park looks sweet as, I’d bring the bmx too!


The park is great, especially good for Edinburgh folk as this time of year is very wet.
For those who don’t know, “Livi” or Livingston is a skatepark outside of Edinburgh. It’s pretty much where all the Scottish Pro riders go, it’s renoun thoughout the world as a good park, mainly bowls and ramps so no good for us guys.
Keep it coming guys, glad to see Lucas and Edd are in. If it persuades you anymore Edd, we have some great Muni here too. Lucas, will be good to have you riding some of the local spots too. Still wanna hear from Mike, Joe H, Joe B, Amanda, Brendan, Dale etc.


If we come, which we will do, me and Leo will drag Joes lazy arse out of his pit on the way up.
Would be better for us if the date was a bit further away though, give me and Leo a bit longer to get the Voodoo Van on the road.

I’d come along for some of that.

Any excuse to get drunk at the end of a day!

aww im gutted, i would love to come to this :frowning: but that chances are i wont be able to, what with gcse’s in may and strict parents. And the fact i can’t drive haha. Anyways hope you all have a good time.

i know its a bit more long termer but id really like an after summer jam, rather than a mid summer cos bloody everything is crammed into 6 weeks of summer but id love a september jam of sumin xxx

I would love to come, I will see what I can do, it is a pretty long way for us people who live down south. I will hopfuly of passed my test by then and may be able to drive it, dont realy know.

Im up for a roadtrip from the south!
If me and Leo have got the van on the road by then, we might be able to take a few people with us.

sounds like a good fun idea!

This is the thing. Talking to inline skaters and BMXers at the park, they tell me about comps they go to every couple of weeks. When I found myself telling them there are on average about 3 or 4 a year in Unicycling, I was pretty disappointed.
As I’m sure a few people can sympathise, my riding when I’m alone or on video is a lot better than competition standard and I believe this is due to lack of experience. I’m trying to encourage more comps, not only in the uk, but across the world. On top of that I wanna ride with more unicyclists, instead of on my own or with other kinds of riders.
What I was thinking was a Jam format before UNICON, something that as far as I’m aware, hasn’t been done before in unicycling, and in the absense of BUC, a Street and Trials Championship in September.

Do we have any interest from Overseas, Kevin, Shaun etc???


looks wicked and sounds rough!

mmm, i’d venture from the sunny south for a roadtrip!!:smiley:

Holla at me brother! :sunglasses:

More replies?

Still not enough interest.

Heyhey, sorry havnt been on the forum in a little while, and wouldnt have found this thread, but thankfully Edd drunkanly rang me last night to get me to say ‘Proper food, with proper gravy!’ for his no doubt equally drunk lady. As for Brendan, I think he is still looking for his eye brows :wink:

Anyhoo, yes I’d sure be up for this if Im free. Im actually only 120 miles from Edinburgh. I’d love to hitch a lift in the Voodoo van though!

Also, BUC is still on, it will just be later in the year, which it originally was :slight_smile:

Josephina von Shagg

Good to hear, when is it planned for now and who is holding it?

Glad to hear you’re up for it Joe.

depending on the date id come for sure.
there should be more demos like this well done!


is this still good to go?

any word on dates?