"Demo" Day!

Hello, Im going to tell about a story that happened today! I hope you like it!

Ok so today me and my friends decided to ride our unicycles too school (hes been riding since October 2005, and can only ride it and bunnyhop like 1 inch ) So when we got to school this lady asked us if we wanted to do a Demo for the school since it was Ride to school day, because our school won the most people who ride a bike to school award. My friend who unicycles ( he got his for christmas ) already got asked since he rode his unicycle to school just by coinsadence. So at the end of school we rode around, and this guy started talking to my friend and I, and he was like i have a Coker, and a Custom Muni, and then we were like all "Cool" and then my friend said  " Do you ride Trials?" he was like "No, but most of my friends do", Then he said "I just went up to China with Kris Holmes, 2 years ago" me and my friends were so Amazed..He was like 45 too! He was like the Administrator for Bikes in our city. Then after school me and friends rode alot! Like i learned how to bunnyhop like 2 cm. lol..But yeah, it was a AWESOME DAY! I hope you enjoyed my story!

wow that sounds interesting. Good job on the bunnyhopping. Now try to do more than one static.

Whats Static? Thanks

It’s when you do more than one hop while in the same(or almost) place

Oh, ill try that tommorow when i ride, hey also how high can you bunnyhop (tommorow is last day of school!!!)

fer me its about 33 inches, but i’ve been riding unicycles for like 7 months now :frowning:
need to practise in the holidays

for me about 2 feet. 24" thats on a good day though. probably more like 20" average. Don’t wory if you can’t figure out how people hop really high, just keep practising and you will gradually improve the height.

I’m going to take a guess and say you met Tim Bustos.

My hop is 1 ft seat in static and 15" seat uot static!!! Im getting better

Who is Tim Bustos? What town is he from and then i can tell you if it was him, also those are all awesome heights i cant wait till i can bunnyhop that high but then again ive been unicycling for 4 days…how long does it take to bunnyhop like 1 foot, and any advice? Thanks!

Also do you have a picture of Tim Bustos? Thanks

just keep practising gradually hpping up slightly bigger and bigger things.

Ok thanks (how do you get so many posts i remember like 3 days ago you had 500…)

He gets posts by power posting about stuuf he knos little or nothing about, its not a good habit to get into.

And ive been riding for 10 months, and trialsin for about 3 and a half now…so just keep practicing and you’ll be hoppin in no time.

He is the bicycling and pedestrian promoter for the city of Davis. I don’t have any pictures of Tim, but John Foss likely does. He’s been active in unicycling for many years.

this could possibly be Tim Bustos

YES YOU ARE RIGHT!! HE IS THE BICYCLING PROMOTOER OF DAVIS! He’s cool, do you have his email address? Or does he post on this forum? Also do you know him? Thanks!

I have met Tim, but I don’t know him. John Foss knows him.

I don’t recall him posting here in a while. He may not even read the forum (newsgroup) any more.

You should be able to contact him through the city of Davis.

Who is John Foss?