delta xt brake lever extender

I was wondering, does anyone know where I can get the right handed version of this?


I think NZ may be one of the last places in the world with some of the right handed model left. I will double check our stock for you as I think we are down to our last one or two.

From memory, these are no longer manufactured so are becoming harder and harder to source.

I’ve heard a spoon works better. just get a metal spoon with a sort of skinny handle that can fit in the open end of your brake lever. and then just duct tape around it.

okay, thanks.

We do have both types in stock in NZ. Also be aware that the left one might be what you are after. The way unicyclists tend to use these a right handed person will find an extender stamped with an L for left will work better for them. A left handed person will find it preferable to use one stamped with an R.

I’m not sure whether the “left handed version” sold by UDC in the US is one with an L stamped on it, suitable for right handed unicyclists or if it is the one with an R stamped on it suitable for left handed unicyclists.