Delta Rendezvous IV July 20-21


I know many or most of you are going to UNICON and whatnot. It is a huge event, no doubt. Have fun.

For those of us who don’t quite have the budget to go, and who live in the Deep South (MS, TN, AL, AR, LA), I wanted to let you know that if you are up for an impromptu drive to Memphis, that the Memphis Unicycle Club will be having Delta Rendezvous IV on July 20 (Saturday) and July 21 (Sunday).

Saturday morning we will be doing off-road riding on the (I believe) Stanky Creek Trails, and on Sunday we will be meeting at Overton Park at Veteran’s Plaza for some free style type action.

So, you can check out the details at The Memphis Unicycle Club (MUC) web site ( … look under News) and feel free to contact Tommy there for information, or shoot me (Lewis) an e-mail at for details. I will be driving up from Jackson, MS about 4 or 5 pm friday night, so make sure you mail me before then, or mail Tommy (his e-mail is on the MUC site).

Sorry for the short notice … although we have actually posted this a few times over the last couple of weeks. :slight_smile:

And for those of you going to UNICON, have a blast!


…and you will be going out for sushi afterwards?


We did sushi last time; anyway the sushi is better in Jackson, MS anyway. :slight_smile: Actually, I just ate a huge sushi lunch, so I’m hoping this time we will do Vietnamese, since Memphis has a couple Vietnamese places, and Jackson doesn’t.

I doubt you are jealous though. :slight_smile:


Re: Delta Rendezvous IV July 20-21

girl scouts

Girl Scouts?

Hey Dylan,

Girl Scouts?

Tommy Thompson
Volunteer Development Director
Girl Scout Council of the Mid-South