Delta brake lever extender slipping on HS-33 Lever

Since upgrading from a Magura HS-11 brake (which has a plastic lever blade) to a Magura HS-33 I’ve had problems with clamping my Delta brake lever extender in place. On the old plastic lever the grub screw had plenty of material to bite into, but its struggling to hold the extender in place on the new lever for more than a few hours’ riding.

When I first noticed this problem the allen pinch bolt was screwed all the way in and still not gripping hard enough. I tried spacing out the pinch slot by threading a washer through the pinch allen bolt. This fix has not been successful.

Anyone got any suggestions as to hold that pesky sucker in place?


fold up a little square of a beer can and stick it under fixing bolt in the concave part and screw down the bolt on it tight, then tighten the cinch bolt. thats what i did.

I put a little washer under the set screw that tightens down on the lever. The washer bent a bit as the set screw was tightened. It has held great. No slipping.

Thanks for the suggestions Jagur and John. I’ve gone with the aluminium can method for now - as I had just finished consuming a refreshing carbonated bev when Jagur posted! I’ll see how it holds up over the weekend.