Looking for riders on the Delmarva Peninsula (I live in Salisbury, Md.). Anybody out there?

Oh…your post is a week too late. I just drove through and back on my way further south and had my muni with me. Maybe next year!

There’s a map link up above. But no one it very close to your area. There looks to be some a few hours away across the bay.

What kind of riding do you do?

I live in Southern Maryland (La Plata specifically), although it’s pretty far away from Salisbury

Thanks for the info about the map.

As for what kind of riding I do, muni (though the area lacks mountains, much less hills) and cruising around on a 29er. I only started riding a unicycle in March, but I’ve advanced fairly quickly.

Kram, I don’t get out to the Eastern Shore that much for unicycling. I do a fair bit of kayaking over there.

Jimmy, I live in Southern Maryland and pass through LaPlata quite often for work. Mostly I like Muni at Cedarville, St Mary’s Lake and Calvert Cliffs. Occasionally I’ll ride the Indian Head rail trail. This is my off season for Muni but keep my contact info handy for the Fall and Winter and we can ride together.

aka Stephen

Paxuni, have you ever paddled at Janes Island State Park? I’m a ranger there.

Cool! I’ll probably see you around some time. I just started learning to ride this year, but I’m hoping to do a lot of riding this summer. I took my uni out on the Indian Head Rail Trail for the first time on Monday night for a bit–only went out about 3/4 mile and back since I don’t have much endurance yet.

I ordered a muni a few days ago, so I’m hoping to take it down to St Mary’s Lake once I feel like I’m up for it.


Kram, sure I’ve paddled Jane’s Island but not for a few years now. There used to be a race there that was part of the Delmarva circuit and I have great memories. We even camped there a couple of nights, very nice.

James, endurance comes once you SIT on the seat. Most of us use too much leg muscle just supporting our weight to begin with.

I’ll make an exception to my no unicycling in the Summer ‘rule’ and come MUni with you at the Lake- let me know when.

That said, St Mary’s Lake has so many roots its not a great first place for a learner. Cedarville has longer stretches of rideable single track for someone just getting going.