deleting an account

how do i delete an account?


I don’t think you can; if you could delete an account the database would “go all weird”, as it were, because there would be posts without a poster, as it were. An administrator might be able to do it, depending on how the forum works…

Rest assured a user takes up very little server space, and your posts will be around for future generations to learn from. Ah, karmic goodness. :slight_smile:


well uni-2-death is my first account… and when i log into my other account (not uni-2-death) when i post it still puts me down as uni-2-death not my other account, so i was thinking if i delete it… it cant:D

     confusing? lol

Try deleteing all your cookies and temp files then log back in under your other name.

I ran into the same kind of thing.
There are two different logins: one available on the “forums” page and one on the “home” page. From my experimentation the two logins are partially linked and partially not linked.

I forget what I finally came up with. Try various orderings of logging out from the “forums” page before or after “Log in as different user” on the “home” page.