Deity Cranks

Hi fellow uniers,

Being an avid biker as well as unier, I stumbled across these SWEET 3-piece bike cranks made for 26" dirt jump bikes (but with BMX style 3-piece-ness)
I read that they FIT PROFILE splines, so if anyone is looking for some SWEET looking cranks that come in WHITE, grey, and black to replace your profiles, check these out!

they also make a cool looking seatpost clamp if you wanna pimp out your ride just a little bit more :smiley:


Before ordering those cranks it would be wise to double-check what size bottom bracket spindle they fit. Profile has two sizes (diameters) of bottom bracket spindles. The Race size is 3/4" diameter and is the size that is used on the unicycle hub. Then there is the SS size that is oversized (I’m not sure what diameter it is but it’s bigger than the Race size).

It’s 7/8", John. :slight_smile:

those cranks look sweet. i would buy the white ones

and that seat post clamp looks sweet as well