I have spent lots of time the last six months reading the form. Lots of great advice and the search feature has prevented me from making a nuisance of my self with noobie questions. I hope.
One difficulty I have even after probably a hundred hours or so of forum study is understanding the terms and abreviations. I’m not eager to post a question everytime I see a term or abbreviation I don’t know, and of course eventually I figure some of them out. But LOTS of times I don’t. This might be especially true of technical items such as descriptions of rims and tires. Of course this could be a reflection of insufficient intellect on my part. If that is the case then please consider this an anonymous post.
As a result I was wondering if a sticky thread of definitions might be a good idea.

Just list all the ones you have trouble now and I’m sure there’s plenty of people that will help out:)

That’s a good idea for a thread. It took me a while to get them all - and english is not my first language. As UPD said, fire the questions, we’ll answer - or learn with you!

Let me start with the name of the poster just before me :slight_smile:
UPD = UnPlanned Dismount, in other words falling off the uni
UDC (another classic) : Unicycle Dot Com, for, the big online retailer

I know someone :roll_eyes: who posted asking what ‘bump’ meant.

As UPD writes, just go ahead and ask. :slight_smile:

Not meaning to threadjack, honest, but
One thing I can’t figure out is the difference between a unicycle and a municyle.
Is it just the tyre. If I have a 29" Oracle with a big apple tyre on it, it’s a unicycle ?
But if I put a maxxis ardent tyre on it, does it then become a municycle.
Or is there more to it than that ?

sorry,Pierrox I was typing while you posted.

ERD—Effective Rim Diameter. Used when wanting to know length of spokes.

No pb. To answer your question… it’s a muni! :smiley:

I’d say a muni is still a uni. You’re right, the tire makes the difference - and probably the use. But in this case, it’s the activity that prevails on the object: you can have a muni but ride it on the road, therefore you don’t muni.
Oooof, sounds like I’m confusing the issue even more!

Ah, that makes more sense Pierrox :slight_smile:
It’s what you do with it that matters. :slight_smile:

Here are two acronyms that took me a while to figure out:

SIF : seat in front
SI : seat in

Am I correct that upd means land on feet as opposed to falling which means hitting the ground ? Also what does tpi mean in relationship to tires

Any unplanned dismount is a UPD, whether the result is landing on one’s feet or a nasty crash.
TPI is threads per inch.

EDB - External Disc Brake (crank mounted rotor)

It would be nice to have a glossary of terms which could be updated as new terms are introduced.

That thread should be a sticky?

It might also be nice if it included terms and names of parts in different languages, given how global and multilingual the unicycling community is.

I was kinda thinking out load when I started this thread. Even after 6 months I still find myself wishing for a glossary of terms, and so on. Perhaps it is enough just to post a question.
I wasn’t suggesting this particular thread be a sticky rather one deliberately put together with definitions that forum users (particularly noobies) could refer too. As Large Eddie suggested, it could also help the readers for whom English is not their first language.
Perhaps non native English speakers might add their opinions

Muni (or MUni, or MU, or municycle) is to Unicycle as Mountian Bike is to Bicycle.

Any way you look at it a Muni is a Unicycle, but not all unicycles are Munis. Where exactly you draw the line is kind of up to you.

Probably not uni-specific, but as newbie to forums in general, what does ymmv mean? I’ve seen it a couple times and cant work it out!

Your mileage may vary.

Just means you might get different results.

Thanks, definitely wouldn’t have worked that out myself!

It replaces TIMTOWTDI that hardly anyone used anyway… :slight_smile: