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John Foss and Jack Halpern wrote:

<excerpt><excerpt>BTW, can some one give a more or less precise definition that
shows the difference betwee UMX and mountain unicycling? It is confusing even to
me, not speak of the uninitiated.


You, a guy who writes dictonaries? But I digress. Here are two answers.

Short answer:

Marketing. Mountain biking is way popular and cool. BMX, though enjoying a
comeback, is not nearly as cool, and is associated mainly with kids. Therefore,
we name our sport after the sport that is cool!

Long boring answer:


Thanks for the not so boring long answer. But I am not satisfied with the short
– inadequate – answer. I want a kind of technical definition. Certainly some
of the UMX events that we’ve had cannot by an y stretch of the imagination be
considered “mountain” unicycling. It’s more like rough terrain – the beaches of
Puerto Rico – and sometimes a kind of obstacle course.

So isn’t it tru that UMX is still a valid category? If you use the term mountain
unicycling for obstacle course kind of stiff – like rifing over pipes, through
water and one sand – it will ceratinly lead to misunderstanding. So a more
precise definition is in order.


Someone may come up with a definition, but it will not apply to the events that
have taken place in the past (not counting orienteering, which has a proper
definition). We have used the names interchangeably and will probably continue
to do so. The only difference is that we are less likely to use ‘UMX’, for the
reasons above.


Never give a partial definition of a term to a lexicographer!

John Foss reply to:

(Intel is less interested in the difference between UMX and MUni than I am)

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