Definition of styles?

i think it’s very hard to determine what style of riding is being done in a photos,
for example, if i’m wheel walking along a log on a trials unicycle, what style am i doing? is it determined by the trick? location? unicycle? or all three?
one of the main reasons i’m asking this is because i’m finding it hard to work out what section to put some of the unicycle pictures in on my site please send in more pics! :slight_smile:

Kris Holm sums up the style definitions pretty well on his website. By his definitions the trick you describe would be a street move (A Freestyle skill performed in a trials setting).


Cheers for the link, i’ll use that as my reference from now on. :slight_smile:
p.s. have you got a schlumpf? when i was checking up on the whereabouts of mine i was told you had put your name down for one? is this true?
if so how’s it going? :slight_smile: also if you have any unicycle related pics i could use on my site i would realy appreciate it.
cheers again

Yes I’ve got one on order, It’s going to be a while (I ordered it just before Florian went to Laos), but I can’t wait for it to get here. I’ve not got a huge number of impressive pictures at the moment, I’ve not got anyone around here to ride with, so nobody to take the pictures in the first place. When I get home from University over easter I’ll go out with the professional guy who took these, and get some pics worth posting up for you.


also jess riegel defined the well on his site.

Trials unicycling: Trials involves riding over obstacles of any sort, either in natural terrain or in an urban environment. The challenge relates to technical difficulty over short distances, and the objective is to use any riding techniques necessary to ride up, over, or down an obstacle without falling.

Mountain Unicycling (Muni): Combines cross-country and trials challenges, where the objective is to ride technically difficult terrain over some distance. Extreme sport videos and films typically show Muni as primarily descents of difficult terrain, but the term also includes difficult uphill riding.

Flatland: The purpose of flatland (also known as freestyle) is to ride a unicycle in different ways, collectively referred to as “freestyle tricks”. There are thousands of different ways to ride a unicycle, but the most popular tricks have been grouped into categories called the “10 skill levels of unicycling”. Flatland is typically done indoors in a gymnasium or outside on pavement where the terrain is smooth and predictable.

Street: Combines Trials and Freestyle techniques, and is typically done in urban areas. The objective is to perform freestyle tricks on obstacles. The overall difficulty relates not only to the difficulty of the obstacles but also to the difficulty of the tricks. This is different than pure trials because just riding over obstacles is not the ultimate objective; rather, the obstacles are used as props to set up the tricks.

Distance Riding: (Also known as touring) Any ride where you use the unicycle for transportation from one place to another. It might be a multi-month tour over thousands of miles, or it might be a 10 mile ride to your brother’s house. The longer the ride, the more likely you’ll want a cycle with a larger wheel. Unicycle touring is just like bike touring, but using a unicycle. The distance covered in a day is probably less than you could cover on a bike, and it’s harder to carry luggage, but it’s easier to transport your unicycle to the start of the ride, and you’ll definitely get a lot more attention.

BC Wheel: Consists of doing street/flatland/trials/muni on a freewheel with 2 platforms. BC wheeling is the newest type of riding, and is catching on fast.

cheers that would be grate. sorry to hear your schlumpf hasn’t arrived yet, i bet you can’t wait! :slight_smile: are you going to BUC13? me and kit (Mrboogiejuice) are planning on riding to it. that’s if we get the practice in… can i put some of the picks on that link on my site?

Thanks for that it’s realy helpfull, I hadn’t seen his site before, it’s very good.
do you have any pics i could put up on my site?

Cool, it’s great to hear that people are stupid enough to think of riding to BUC.

I shall probably be riding there too, but it may be on my coker not the Schlumpf, as I’m currently not convinced the Schlumpf is suitable for unsupported distance riding.


Hey Joe, you’re right, stupid we are! :slight_smile: and i all so agree that it will be a challenge riding the schlumpf all the way especially as we live in macclesfield, not sure how far that is but it’s a few miles at least. I think i might end up doing it on my coker too.
p.s. i’ve just been having a look at you gallery, is it ok for me to put some of your pics on my site?


but anyways back to topic…i think a style is determined by the uni in question the surroundings(i.e. urban trials vs natural trials) and obstacle, as well at the trick being performed.

If it is the uni in question and the surroundings, then what am i doing if i wheel walk my muni down a street? I think you could probably apply your idea to some situations, but not all.
i think kris holm somes it up quite well.