As long as I’ve ridden, I’ve never seen it.

looking for 10 bucks plus shipping

Haha, c’mon … buy it brand new!

Someone could just rip you off and burn a copy of it first, and then sell you the original version. Not only a ripping off you, but also Dan.

Buy it from Bedford Unicycles for $22 CAD.


Buy it from for $22 USD.


you could watch it on google

But don’t. The people that watch it on Google are disrespectful.

Buy it new :wink:


Haha you were the one that posted it here for us to see :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, I try not to remember that. :p;)


support the sport guys! buy movies

you can even download it…
if you want…

And this is why no one wants to release DVDs as they know they will lose their investment due to downloads.