Defect Unicycles Seats?

Just been watching defect (again :D) and noticed that most of the riders seats have a green handle. wondering what brand they are? any one know?

Old school Miyata. Used to be the go to saddle. But the KH owns it in the face. Old tech man.

Yeah they hurt like shit and are not strong at all.

Myata seats - usually an off green, they do come in grey and blue (or at least i’ve seen them in all those colours maybe there are more).

You need a different seatpost. Some people still swear by them. They also had carbon fiber bases before KH seats did so i guess most of the guys in defect had the carbon bases on them.

i have a miyata seat with a CF base and SF handles----it is the best! the concave shape of the seat allows for amazing SIF skills! live this seat. old school miyata=best saddle ever

Well put! In fact, so well put, I’ve taken a slightly modified version of that as my new sig line! :slight_smile:

When I got into unicycling the best seat available was the schwinn. A heavy vinyl cover over a steel base. Drop the seat enough times, the steel cuts through the vinyl. After a few years, the foam inside turned to powder. Then came the Miyatas, first with a steel bumper on the seat (later copied by all the Taiwan cheapies through the 80s and 90s), and then with the hard plastic bumpers. Finally, a unicycle seat that could take thousands of drops! And, unlike other companies, they made improvements to the design nearly every year. They led the market until KH came along.

The sea green color was all they imported over here in the later years. In Japan they came in blue and red. Gray came later. I hoarded the red covers and bumpers when I could get them, and still have some.

The carbon bases were made by Roger Davies to fit Miyata covers, which were the ones you could remove and customize more than most other brands. You drilled the base for either Miyata or Schwinn/KH bolt pattern.

Thanks for the bit of history!

I’d forgotten about the red ones… Their marketting must have been terrible to make off bright green their only imported colour!

+1…the foam feels equivalent to that crappy particle foam they put under some carpets. i find it amazing it was the saddle of choice…i’d give up unicycling if i had to ride on that, permanently, hahaha