Defect Trailer

Hey Everyone,

Syko Productions (UNiVERsE 1 & UNiVERsE 2) has been working on a new unicycle video “Defect” over the last year. Filming began in July of 2004 and post-production on the video finished last week. I’ve been hesitant to post footage from the video or talk much about it, because it takes months and months after filming is complete to finish up the whole DVD.

It should be completed produced and printed up, by around September 1st. I’ll have pre-orders available soon.

This is an unofficial (and quickly put together) trailer for the DVD that was created for the Denmark MUni weekend participants, but I was not able to get it to them in time…

Thanks to and Jess Riegel for hosting this.


I’ll have an official trailer released on my website when I return from NAUCC in Ohio. The video is being premiered on Wednesday, July 27th in Bowling Green, OH.

Complete info on the video will be available soon…


-Dan Heaton



This amazes me. I wish I could be there for the release :smiley:


Awesome! Really looking forward to get this movie… woo!

you’re really getting style in your video production, awesome movie.

Looks absolutely brilliant, you’ve got one definite sale here.


Loved it!! Especially the grind with the b*ke rider watching in awe at the bottom!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweeeeeeeee-eeeeeeee-eeeeet ! ! ! ! ! ! !

How long will it take to get this DVD over to the UK? I take it UDC-UK will be selling it?

Can’t wait!


Soo NICE !

but august will be a long month.

well damn, I just got schooled… gonna practise harder now…


crazy guys… that was mad.

I’m loving the Defect logo, i’m thinking T-SHIRTS! Just please make atleast on in small for me ^^

can’t wait to preorder!!!

YES! oh dude I have no idea what to say, that was awesome I cant wait for the video. and I would also be extremely interested in a t-shirt with the defect logo on it

holy CRAP, that was some INSANE riding!! I’m sooo looking forward to this movie, can’t wait!! you’re AWESOME

Totally going to order a copy, seriously… some sweet stuff… I would love that logo on a t-shirt… or anything actually. Damn, i think this one is going to sell much better then any of the others. For the record… wow! Who can i preorder a copy from? Darren?

heyja very nice stuff. i think unicycling has reached once more an new level. i like the no footer downstairs and the other amazing street styles!

go on!

Ohhh man, now I’ve got MORE stuff to spend my hard earned money on:( … I cant wait!:slight_smile:

great trailer, nice camera angles, and GREAT riding…Crazy one footed stuff, dont stop!

i want one!!!