Defect Spoilers!!!! I need them

I just got Defect only im too lazy to look for all the hidden features. So if someone could tell me where they all are that would be great…I already found the one on the second page of the bonus features.


Apparently there’s another one which you can get to by pressing << in Kris Holm’s profile. Only, it never worked for me.


in dan heaton’s profile, click on one of his pictures and a syko logo will appear, leading you to a hidden section

if you go to the final page of music credits there’s an @ shaped mark on the background which is a button to another hidden section

Isn’t that Universe 2? Or is it in both…

yes, damn it yes you’re right. And i don’t even own universe 2.

Ok i dont have a computer that can play DVDs…How do i access them through my DVD player?

Remote :d

Wow…Inever tried that…

Go the special bonus, rider profiles, kris holm, then hit previous scene. that gets you to kris’ house

another is in the second bonus page go up to extra footage then hit the left arrow to select a lil’ circle thing, click that, then hit the picture of the guy with the uni. I think theres only two

I found the second one you mentioned but ive tried that first one and it didnt work…Ill try again later.

Fix your computer you lazy bastard.

sweet, i didnt know there was hidden stuff im watching the tomorrow.

This is the easiest way: Run defect in windows media player. Then you will get a list of all the tracks in the movie, on the right side. I think the ‘hidden section’ is track track 16… Or 17… Perhaps it’s 18 or 15. Can’t remember…

Hey Fredrik_Justnes,

that worked for me! :slight_smile:

That’s 15

Kris’ House is 16.


how do you play it on windows media player? i put the disc in but nothings happening

You need a dvd drive

oh ok i dont really know what that is but i probably dont have it